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Public Sex on a Park Bench

April 18th, 2012 by FishSex

As far as I am concerned park benches were put there to fuck sluts on or for homeless people to sleep on.  Think about it,  when was the last time you were walking though the park and thought to yourself “hey I want to sit down”!  Of course it wasn’t always this way but since all the fatties drive around in mobility scooters to minimize their calorie intake, what is left for the humble park bench then than fucking sluts on?

Of course finding one without a smelly bum using it for his bed for the night might be problematic but once you kick one off its the perfect place to publically fuck whatever slut you picked up that day.  This one seems to be quite athletic and imitative using a fence to position herself to get fucked hard by this dude. 

Now I would have bent this little public slut her over the back of the bench so my audience could get a good look at the whore’s face while I was pounding her from behind.  But hey that’s me!

After of course you pop your load on the little cum bucket you can always wipe in on the bench for the next bum to deal with

From Berlin Public Bangers
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Berlin Public Bangers

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Public Sex at Parties

April 11th, 2012 by FishSex

You know when it comes to going out clubbing.  There should be two sorts of clubs.  The first,  good girl clubs is a place for chicks to go to have fun,  maybe flirt but generally not waste the time of all the guys there since she is not looking to get fucked. 

The second,  which I would assume would be much more popular is the “I wanna get fucked” club.  There should be a big sign in front saying “Ladies,  if you come in you ARE going to get fucked on the dance floor quite publically”.  Hell they don’t even have to charge them a cover charge.  Just make sure they have had at least one dick in them before the night is over. 

This would lead to a number of good things.  For starters it would make getting laid considerably more efficient.  I mean if the slut is in that type of club she is ready to get fucked right?  No more messing around with “Oh I have a boyfriend” or some such nonsense after you blow your hard earned money buying the bitch a drink.  At least you have a relatively good shot in sticking your dick in her. 

Second of course is that this will lead to much more public sex. which is always a good thing.  This way one can fuck some slut in front of an audience that are there for that sort of thing in a safe secure manner.  Hell you wouldn’t even have to leave your drink on the bar to go get laid!

From In The VIP
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In the VIP

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Public Sex with a Redhead

April 4th, 2012 by FishSex

Now that the weather is getting warm it is prime time to start frequenting outdoor bars and cafe’s to soak up the beautiful weather and of course pick up random sluts to have sex with.  What better place for public sex than a cafe in a public park! 

Of course the authorities might have an issue with this but then again should you just go off the beaten path a few steps you can bang your new found friend with impunity in relative seclusion only to have a few dog walkers wander buy and wonder where all those slapping sounds and moaning is coming from. 

The other nice thing about fucking a slut in a public park is that cleanup is almost nonexistent.  No washing the sheets  or awkward good mornings.  Just deposit your load in the slut and go on your merry way. 

From My Pickup Girls

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My Pickup Girls

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Public Sex on a Bus

March 21st, 2012 by FishSex

When it comes to public sex there is no place more public than banging some slut on public transportation.  At least here in the US there is no lower public transportation than the bus.  We American’s hate buses mainly because anyone who can afford to buys a car and those who don’t?  well lets just say you don’t want to be sitting next to them. 

But it seems that other countries have a more relaxed attitude about the lowly bus.  I am sure ridership would skyrocket here in the states if you have some hot young sluts you can bang in front of spectators. 

Now this young slut seems to be a bit tied up as she is lead through the streets topless and completely humiliated.  After a nice rough fucking to the horrified riders of the bus she is whisked away to a public park to finish the deed and give her a well deserved facial.  I wonder if he made her walk home with cum on her face. 

From Public Disgrace
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Public Disgrace

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Public Sex in the Park

March 14th, 2012 by FishSex

Of all the places to have public sex in, the park is by far the most popular.  Hell there are whole sites dedicated to reviewing parks for fucking!  In addition it is a sweet refuge for semi secluded teen sex at night.  all one needs is a blanket (and you don’t even need that). 

But there are of course some drawbacks.  Bugs for one can be bothersome and you need to watch out where you fuck your slut since no one wants to discover your romp in the hay was actually a romp in a patch of poison ivy!  (ouch). 

The beauty of fucking in a public park is one can fine tune one’s chance of getting discovered.  If you don’t want to put on a show for your fellow man then pick some place far off the beaten path in the wooded area.  Or should you be in the mood for more a exhibition just bend the bitch over by the nearest bush like this guy is doing to this incredibly hot girl. 

From Public Sex Adventures
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Public Sex Adventures

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